SAA Visual Art wins awards and recognition!

Youth Art Month started in 1961 and exists to:
Recognize art education as a viable factor in the total education curricular that develops citizens of a global society.
Recognize art is a necessity for the full development of better quality of life for all.
Direct attention to the value of art education for divergent and critical thinking.
Expand art programs in schools and stimulate new art programs.
Increase community understanding and interest in art and art education through involvement in art exhibits, workshops, and other creative ventures.
Southwood Visual Art is always proud to represent Southwood at the Anderson County Youth Art Month Exhibit. Awards and recognition are consistently won each year and we are so proud of all of our Visual Arts students!
This year, SAA Visual Art was awarded the following:
First Place Middle Level - McKinley Martin, 7th Grade, Pen & Ink
Middle Level Honorable Mention - Kathryn Hursey, 8th Grade, Wire
AnMed Extended Exhibit - Adleigh Korver, 7th Grade, Graphite & Colored Pencils
TCTC Extended Exhibit - Veronika Ortiz Jaramillo, 7th Grade, Pen & Ink
Wren Park Extended Exhibit - Fernanda Narvaez-Ardiles, 7th Grade, Acrylic on Canvas
The following were awarded in the SCAEA Western Region:
Third Place Middle Level - Kathryn Hursey, 8th Grade, Pen & Ink, Hot & Cold
Middle Level Honorable Mention - Morgan Greer, 8th Grade, Drypoint Print, Why Can’t I Wear White After Labor Day?