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Mission Statement

To educate students who are college and career-ready and will positively contribute to an ever-changing world.

The mission of Southwood Academy of the Arts is to provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment that empowers artist-scholars to reach their full artistic and academic potential.
The vision of Southwood Academy of the Arts is to prepare students for lifelong involvement in artistic and academic pursuits.
At Southwood Academy of the Arts, we believe students learn best when:
  • They are healthy physically and emotionally
  • They are given a variety of opportunities to show mastery
  • There is diversity in the classroom and instruction is differentiated
  • There are concrete and high expectations
  • Their basic necessities are met
  • They can produce something that is authentic or usable
  • Their teachers understand individual learning styles
  • They are actively engaged in hands on or experiential learning
  • They have ownership in their learning
  • The necessary interventions are provided
  • They feel accountable and supported by their teachers
  • They are taught in and through the arts, allowing them to showcase their creativity
  • They feel like they are part of artistic communities within the school
  • They have positive role models who demonstrate character
  • They have supportive parents and guardians who are involved in their education
  • They have highly qualified and positive teachers
  • The outside community is involved in the school
  • They are allowed to ask questions
  • They feel like they classroom and school is safe and conducive to learning
  • They are allowed to be problem solvers
  • They have the ability and confidence to express themselves
  • They have been given a model to follow within their classroom
  • They are able to understand the real world application and relevance of what they are doing
  • They are encouraged to collaborate with others
  • Their teachers integrate and infuse arts into the academic curriculum
  • They are prepared with skills and knowledge to pursue careers in the arts
  • They have a love of learning fostered within their classrooms
  • Their instruction teaches 21st century skills and is aligned with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate
  • Their individual physical, social, emotional, artistic, and intellectual needs are nurtured
  • They are held accountable for high standards of behavior and learning
  • They are enrolled in arts programs that are valued as core subjects and viewed as a unique way of learning
  • They are encouraged to be lifelong participants and advocates of the arts
  • They accept and appreciate people with diverse beliefs, ideas, and cultures because of their artistic study