SC Ready and Algebra I EOC Testing

SC Ready is the state assessment for students in grade 3-8. This is an important assessment for students, teachers, and the school. Please review this information about testing and feel free to reach out to Mrs. Paula Doolittle with any questions.
Who Takes SCReady?
All students in the grade 6-8 will be completing SC Ready for English Language Arts on May 1st and 2nd and Math on May 8th. Students in grade 6 will also complete SC Ready for Science on May 9th. Any grade 8 students in Algebra I will complete the Algebra I End of Course Exam on May 14th.
Testing will occur from approximately 8:25am-11:30am. 
Attendance and Out-of-School Functions
Students should be on time to school during the dates. On time means being in their assigned homeroom at 8:25am.
Parents need to make plans for students to not miss these days of school or be dismissed from school during these times. This includes doctor's appointments and any other out-of-school functions. Please make all attempts to schedule these events around the designated days and times given. 
Cell Phones/Smart Watches
Cell phones and smart watches are STRICTLY PROHIBITED during testing. Students will be required to turn off all cell phones and smart watches during the time of testing and place them in a designated area.
As per the South Carolina State Department of Education Test Administration Manual, "Students and their families/parents/guardians  who violate this policy will have consequences including, but not limited to, the invalidation of the test score, receiving a zero on the test, suspension or expulsion from the school, an investigation by the local police or the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) with possible criminal charges or other civil or legal sanctions." 
For more information about SC Ready Testing, please refer to South Carolina State Department of Education Assessment Information