Cory White Diversity Award

     Student. Friend. Leader. Jaiden Horton is an eighth grade student at Southwood Academy
of the Arts. When discussing a student to nominate for the Cory White Diversity Award– an
award that stands for kindness and advocacy– there was no doubt in the minds of our teachers
and staff that Jaiden Horton personifies the values of the Cory White award through and through.
     Jaiden excels academically, artistically, and socially in our school and community. Jaiden
is an honor roll student, prioritizing his academics and working hard to maintain them. He is
engaged in every class and content area and puts in the work, even when things are tough and it
becomes easy to fall behind. Jaiden even goes as far to lend a helping hand to others who may be
struggling, going to their homes after school and tutoring them in math. Jaiden is a joy to have in
class because of his positive attitude, his team-player mentality, and his willingness to grow.
     Jaiden is also a very active member of our band program. Playing the trumpet, Jaiden
dedicates so much of his time and energy to growing as a musician and helping those around him
do the same. This year, our band teacher had to have a major surgery just days before the Winter
Band Concert. Jaiden and some of his classmates stepped up and volunteered to lead extra
rehearsals for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band students while Mr. Wade was out. He shows
exceptional leadership and initiative and serves as an excellent role model for students his age
and younger. His hard work has paid off, as he made All-County Band and Region Band this
year. Jaiden is also in the marching band for Westside High School. Even as a middle school
student, he keeps up with and attends band performances and competitions for their developing
team. He has a great work ethic, is extremely conscientious with his work, and strives to be as
good as possible.
     In addition to his academic and arts pursuits, Jaiden is also an active member of our
yearbook staff. Our school’s yearbook staff meets weekly and takes on many different roles in
the school. These students work diligently all year taking pictures, writing captions, and editing
and arranging the yearbook spread. They also volunteer for events throughout the year, organize
Spirit Week, and serve in a variety of leadership roles. As an additional course on top of others, it
can be a lot for students to balance, but Jaiden does so with grace. He is also part of the student
council, a position he was elected to by his peers. On the student council, Jaiden organizes
fundraisers for the school and plans functions, like our school dances. He is always eager to
contribute to our school community in positive ways and adds immense value to the culture of
our school.
     Dr Chamblee says, “Jaiden has a positive outlook on life and education in general. He excels
in all that he attempts, and is a student that others should model. He maintains exceptional
interpersonal skills that reflect his “never-met-a-stranger” attitude. Jaiden is able to interact with
people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. He has strong communication, negotiation, and
presentation skills. Because of his drive, academic success, civic contributions, willingness to help
others, and love for mankind, Jaiden has established himself as an inclusive student. He epitomizes
acceptance and advocacy for all. Jaiden is a truly genuine human being and will bring honor and
recognition to an already prestigious award. He is most deserving of the Cory White Diversity
     Jaiden is a friend to all. He goes out of his way to greet different members of our staff
every day, encourage friends and peers, and reach out to those he does not even know to bring
light to their day. He demonstrates kindness, honesty, and acceptance.
     It is without any hesitation that we, the faculty of Southwood Academy of the Arts,
nominate Jaiden Horton for the Cory White Diversity Award.